What We Learned - Week 7 NFL

1. Houston is the best team in NFL. By far.

2. Baltimore has serious problems on both sides of the ball. I don't think they're a serious contender anymore. Flacco isn't good enough to carry the Ravens.

3. Green Bay is looking like GB from last year for a few weeks in a row now. This GB team will be a force down the road.

4. NE Patriots look more like a wild card team at this point as a posed to the juggernaut world beaters they seem to be year after year. Brady having an average year. Average doesn't cut it in NFL.

5. Giants playing fairly well and have won a few straight now. Obviously have to take the defending Super Bowl champions serious. Great pass rushers, and a young secondary needs to be consistent for NY to succeed.

6. RG3 and A Luck were worth every bit of off season hype. Colts, Redskins wont need a QB for 12-14 years.

7. Cowboys get a win for the first time since Sept 30 i believe. Romo and the O are playing a lot better. With the D playing so good Dallas is a team to keep an eye out for to make a serious run. If not Garrett's hot seat will be getting hotter.

8. Drew Brees is amazing. Saints D is really bad and Saints wont make playoffs but Brees is amazing.

9. Chris Johnson is back to being himself. I was never too worried bout him, media over reacts... What else is new.

10. Cardinals O-Line is atrocious, egregious, any other Stephen A. Smith word you can think of. Kolb/Skelton have been battering Rams. Anyone remember when Arizona was feel good story ? Me either.