Cam Newton

Is it me, or does Cam Newton receive far too much criticism ? I hear on radio, see on TV, read on internet lots of Cam Newton trashing. One has to wonder why.

First things first, Cam is having a disappointing season. Especially when you take into account what he did last year. Yet, he is only in his second year as QB. Not even mid way through the 2nd year actually.

Media questions his leadership, criticizes his post game body language, its almost a borderline whitch-hunt. Why isn't a guy like Gabbert mentioned by media ? Now Gabbert is a high draft pick that deserves way more criticism than Cam.

Cam was 1st overall pick last year. So obviously Carolina is a horrible team. What was Cam expected to have Carolina in the playoffs this season ? Surely no one thought that.

What about the high paid vets on Carolina ? Stewart, Williams, Smith. They've been non existent this year. Mostly due to coaching because the offense Carolina runs is just awful. Its hard to even watch. Maybe they should fire the coach, along with the GM they just dumped. Look, Im not relieving Cam entirely of his responsibility in the offense. I'm just putting it into perspective.

Cam is a young QB with tons of talent, i have no doubt he'll be a great QB at the end of the day. Have to give him time to grow, and i think the media is doing what they can to stunt his growth. Is it because he's a black QB ? I don't know. Maybe its other reasons. Maybe its not though.