What we learned - NCAA

1. Alabama is still vastly superior to every team in nation... This isn't something new.

2. Florida is for real, kind of. As great as Florida D has been i just can't believe in their passing game. Cannot just run vs Bama.

3. K- State is for real, for real. Optimus-Klein is a force and Bill Snyder is a legendary coach.

4. Oregon is still Oregon, I'm sure they changed uniforms and scored once or twice while I was typing this sentence. Defense still a concern tho.

5. ND is not a championship contender. Their O is average AT BEST. Te'o can't do everything. Gholston can't throw and Reese can't run.

6. LSU has a GREAT D, as always, but their O is pathetic to say the least. Mettenberger has been a complete disaster. He will cost LSU at any real shot at winning anything.

7. Oregon St now this is the team that is garnering no attention. OSU is a sound football team. Well coached with talent to score and a hell of a D. Can be spoiler team.

8. Oklahoma is a very good team, but having no Big 12 championship game will hurt them. Plus K State beat em. Should play for BCS bowl tho.

9. USC they will have their shot, they possibly may have to beat Oregon twice. That surely will keep them in the conversation for the tittle game.

10.(A) Georgia still has a shot at making a splash if they win out and beat Bama in SEC conf championship game. Georgia had talent on all levels, a long shot, but don't be shocked.

(B) Miss St No One is talking about Miss St ! Undefeated Miss St ! This team is a lot better than people think and with Bama next week, they'll have a shot to prove their worth.