Tony Romo and the media

True fans of football know that Romo is one of the leagues best QBs, BUT casual, average, or "ESPN fans" as i like to call them don't know this. Or even worse claim that Romo isn't good at all.

First Things first Tony Romo is the NFLs 2nd highest rated QB in history. That alone should be enough proof, or evidence. Who am i kidding though ? People don't care about that, RIGHT ?!

I remember Romo had to get Dallas into playoffs to get media and casual fan respect as a good QB. Then the media stakes got higher, where ROMO had to win an actual playoff game. Well, Dallas beat Philly in the 2009-2010 season playoffs. A lot of people forget that happened. So what now ? Ohhh, duhh... ROMO has to go deep into the playoffs now. Right ? Now, imagine Dallas loses in NFC championship this year... I could see the headlines now " Romo choke artist", "Romo will never be elite", " cant get the job done" etc, etc.

Maybe part of it is how ESPN has people brainwashed into thinking QBs "win" games, and partially because people LOVE to HATE anything Dallas Cowboy related. It needs to be said, learned, and repeated. QBs don't win games. Teams do. Romo has done more than his part to get Dallas to a Super Bowl. Anyone who doesn't see that is just blind. Or a complete idiot.

When you're judging a single player you CANNOT use a TEAM accomplishment ! It doesn't even make sense to do so. Example, if you think Brady is better than Peyton Manning don't tell me because of the super bowls. Talk about their play, their stats, etc. Or if you think Eli is better than Romo don't tell me because of 4th qt comebacks, that's a team stat. I bet most people don't even know that. Talk about their play. Regular season is not meaningless. its the most important time of the year to players...until the playoffs start. Get it ?

Next time your comparing QBs think of these things... maybe you'll sound like you know what you're talking about.