What We Learned - NCAA

Top things I took from this weeks college football games.

1. Alabama is very good. They had a bye this week.

2. South Carolina may actually be the 2nd best team in the nation. SC beat Georgia bad today, 35-7.

3. The kid Elam from Florida can play ! He jumps out to the eye easily when watching Florida play. He's a SS if im not mistaken.

4. LSU cannot compete with out trusting their QB to make throws down field, and that D ?! Oh my. Florida leaned on them in the 2nd half running over 18 or 19 straight runs. Sad.

5. Big 10 Championship asterisk ? The top 2 teams in the Big 10 thus far are OSU and PSU. Ironically neither are eligible for post season play.

6. Florida St ... Well... is Florida St losing to unranked NC State 17-16. Not much else to say there.

7. Florida gets a great win, but you have to believe they cannot compete for a championship with that offense.

8. Star Lotulelei (DT Utah) is a freak ! Probably wont hear the name much til April or so.

9. Geno Smith hasn't impressed me, yet. I mean yes his stats are amazing, but I mean as a pro prospect. People already drafting him # 1.

10. ND actually is back, at least for now, this week. Their D is stout and C Woods is a great RB ( a steal in the draft ) The red shirt fresh QB looks like he has all the talent to succeed. That may be the reason they don't though, the kids just young.