2012 Dallas Cowboys

August is here and with that brings FOOTBALL ! The 2012 Dallas Cowboys will have the team tested early as Dallas travels to Met Life stadium to face the defending Super Bowl champions (NY Giants) to kick the regular season off.
Here are my top 3 concerns/question marks for the team as they're constructed now.

1. Last years 1st round pick T. smith is moving from RT to LT. As talented as the young tackle is LT brings different foot work, and a lot better pass rushers a lot of the time. Im confident Smith can play the position, but with LT being extremely important,it's vital he keeps a high level of play at LT.

2. As great as D. Ware is, Cowboys desperately need another player to prove they can rush the passer. Maybe Spencer has a breakout season, or maybe one of the young guys do... But it needs to be someone.

3. Jerry revamped the secondary and on paper it looks really good, but Jenkins is still hurt and Claiborne and Carr are still learning the defense. At safety Dallas is solid, not good not bad. The Dallas secondary knows they need to step up. We will see very soon whether they step up or step back.