Same Ol' Bengals ... Right ?

Cinci lost Saturday to the Houston Texans 31-10. The game was close the entire first half, and it looked like the game was going to go into halftime tied at 10. Then JJ Wyatt made a great interception and returned it for a TD. After that Cinci never got back into the game.

The second half was more about the Texans and Arian Foster thunder punching the Bengals. As Foster ran through tackles and ultimitley with the ball game. Cinci had their chances though, but seemingly blew everyone of them.

Usually this is where some joke about the Bengals would be. But theres no joke coming from me.

The Bengals play in a very tough division, and are drafting the right guys to help compete. With Dalton, Greisham and Green on offense and a very formidable front 7 on D, not to mention a few 1st round picks this year and they will be prime for a playoff return next year.

I think in the off season their primary need will be to adress the secondary at both safety and cornerback. O line also.