Dallas Cowboys 2011 wrap up.

The 2011 Dallas Cowboys in my opinion can be summed up in one simple phrase "I knew it". Before the season started i told my friend @Bubba610 (follow him on twitter) i thought Dallas was a 7-9 to 9-7 team. As a huge fan of the 'Boys i was hoping it was 9-7 but, couldnt even do that.

The reason why i thought this was, the secondary. It is horrible. If you follow me on twitter then you know how i feel about Gerald Sensabaugh and the rest of the secondary. You would be hard pressed to find a worse back 7 in the NFL. I dont have the #s in front of me but, Dallas was in bottom of the league in passing yards given up, and interceptions. Still, Orlando Scandrick and Sensabaugh get contract extensions !?

Ive defended Jerry Jones for years, and i belive hes a good GM. Its not easy to find great players, but its another to reward horrible players with long term stability. Jerry Jones needs to look at himself and evaluate himself as he does the coaches hes had and fired.

Going into the off season Dallas will surely take a hard look at that defense. Players that probably will not be back next year include, but not limited to, Bradie James, Keith Brooking, Terrance Newman. Also M Spears needs to be on the look out and Ab Elam who i dont think the franchise wants to bring back. Dispite Elam being best DB on the entire team.

Time will tell how the Coyboys try to sure up that D and give Romo and the offense a chance to be in more football games. Rob Ryan who catches a lot of criticism will be back next year i believe, with better players, his scheme works better, obviously.

Well Dallas Cowboy fans, we have to wait another 9 months before we can see our team play again. And that hurts more than the loss @ New York. There are lots of time to make roster changes though and be expecting a few.

Team needs : LT,DE, FS, SS, OLB, ILB.
Draft spot : 14th- should be a few great prospects left at all positions at 14.