The Great QB Debate.

QBs in the NFL, now more than ever are worshiped in the media like ancient Greek Gods. Any NFL team that wins, automatically, all the praise gets heaped on the QB of the winning team. Seemingly no matter how the game was actually won.
So one has to wonder then, why isnt Terry Bradshaw praised as one of the best QBs ever ? Troy Aikman "won" plenty of playoff games, and 3 super bowls. Yet rarely is brought up as a top 3 or top 5 QB. How bout Phil Sims who went 22 of 25 with 3TDs in a Super Bowl, i NEVER hear about that game. Yet Brady throws 0 TDs and 2 INTs vs Baltimore in AFC Championship game, only for me to read/hear how Brady beats the Ravens. This should be disturbing to any real football fan.
The analysis of a QB, should not be tied into "playoff or SuperBowl wins". It dismisses the guys in the trenches, other skill players, and the actuall game itself. I think so few people can give an accurate, educated view of a football game. Maybe this is why, ignorant fans repeat the medias outragous opinions. Or maybe everyone has felt this way. Doubt it though, because Dan Marino was widely regarded as the games best ever QB when i was growing up. And "Dan The Man" has won 0 SuperBowls.
I challenge the clowns and wanna be football opionionist to actually use your own mind and thoughts when evaluating a QB, and their place in history. Dont just repeat what you heard Skip and other ESPN people say.

Next time you think about "winning QBs" think P. Manning, Dan Marino and their combined 1 Super Bowl. Think of Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer they both have 1 Super Bowl. Who was Tom Brady or Big Ben in their 1st Super Bowls ?

Just think.