More than Sports.

We love a lot of things in this country. Whether its sports, movies or celebrity lifestyles. And we are very passionate of these things. Why not politics too ? I mean it is kind of important (sarcasm) . Here's my take on a little politics.
People have been highly critical of President Obama (including myself) but with the way this country has been who can blame anyone. Trusting our goverment is a hard thing to do. With that said a lot has been accomplished by President Obama and his staff. Also I like the way he seems to want to do more, he wants to make change of some sort. Passing laws and legislation is not the Presidents job alone. In fact congress seems to have the power in those cases, but Obama is getting the things that are in his control done. And no one can argue good results. He is responsible for the captured or kill of the most wanted men in the world. Fights hard to get his jobs bill passed. Hell the man even makes an occasional appearance on Sports Center . Serious though Obama seems like the common man, or at least can relate somehow and that helped him get elected in the first place.
With the announcement that the war in Iraq is over , and the troops will be coming home is yet another good mark on Obamas resume. With the 2012 election coming and a very weak and unpopular republican candidate sure to emerge, Obama has already won the election in my opinion.
I'm not a republic or a democrat, I'm an American citizen, that wants the best for this nation. Maybe one day this country can be as passionate about politics as we are about sports. Being patriotic is more than taking off your hat during the national anthem at a sporting event.