Call me nieve but i was under the assumption that the MLB and its  young talented players were not using steroids. Sure, id be crazy to think that PEDs were completly gone from the game, but with the new drug testing MLB has implimented a few years ago i was sure none of the young stars were juicing.
Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers is the current NL MVP, a young star, and the latest baseball player to test positive for 'roids. Braun, like most players that are caught is saying he "unknowingly" digested or took something he shouldnt have. Yeah , sure Ryan and i own a unicorn that is the Kentucky Derby champio. People arent stupid or blind. When someone fails a drug test, theres a huge chance they knew it was dirty. Whens the last time any of yous took some steroids on accident ?! Or un knowingly did a drug !? Braun might have been on his way to a Hall of Fame career, now this failed test will be hanging over him for the rest of his career. Braun has givin a reason to not trust him, his words or his stats.
Braun just signed a deal for over 100 million $. 100 million $ haha, makes you wonder was he doing roids to perform for that big contract, or to recieve that contract. No one will know for sure, but one thing that i do know for sure is that PEDs are not gone from baseball like most thought. So when we see a young talented player putting up great numbers we are still left to wonder .... Wonder what hes on ?