Tony "Sam Hurd" Montana

Most kids growing up want to be professional athletes and make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Reality is most don't get close to that dream. People who are not rich or famous find it hard to believe that someone who is, would make such horrible decisions to jeopardize that, as Sam Hurd did.
Drug dealing is unfortunately common in this country, and thanks to an uneducated or ignorant society it almost seems acceptable. Might sound like a bit of a stretch but look at todays top selling rappers and the success of gangster movies like Scarface. The drug dealing culture seems to have spread to everyone,  who not only feels like that its their only option but also to anyone who just wants to do it. Sam Hurd isn't the 1st or last financially set person to sell drugs but as he sits facing 20 years to life. Its safe to say he's regreting his decision.
Sam Hurd tried to buy 5 kilos of cocaine and a thousand pounds of weed. Scarface like . The man signed a 2 year 5.5 million $ contract. If that's not financial stability then I don't know what is. Why was Hurd involved in this lifestyle? Why would he want to be a drug lord when his childhood dreams have came true? Or maybe his true dream was to be a drug lord. Maybe the saddest thing of all, if that's the case.
Makes one wonder how much people are influenced by social,  popular entertainment. Surely if you reach your lifetime goal, a reasonable person would believe you wouldn't want to be a major cocaine supplier. Unless you WANTED to be, and to that I still don't have an answer..... If your Joe Montana, there should be no desire to be Tony Montana, or Sam Hurd.