Tebow Brings Analyizing out of Analyist

Too many times when im listening to an "expert" talk about a game, it seems like theyre not doing anything besides stating the obvious. Weather its Rodgers or Brady or Brees, one thing is certain these QBs are given way too much credit. Sure Rodgers and Brees and the fellas are great but come on, its a team game.
Tebow has tons of haters or nay sayers , whatever you want to call them. Now that Tebow has done the impossible by keeping DEN in playoff race and actually not falling on flat on his face. The "experts" that dont like him are forced to talk team football. Theyll say "Oh well the DEN D has won them these games" or "the running game is working really well" Duh!
To win a football game it takes a full team effort, every week. Who do you think Rodgers completes all these passes too ? Does Gronkowski get the credit he deserves in NE ? These are some things to keep in mind when you read a stat showing you a QBs W-L record. So when you read about "Bradys miracle comeback" . Keep in mind to win a game, the D must make stops, the line needs to block, and the RBs and WRs need to make plays. Dont let the mainstream media brainwash you into thinking the QB is the only important position because theres dozens more. Ahhh, ... the Tebow affect.