A Bunch of BCS

Let the countdown un-officailly begin until LSU and Alabama face off for the BCS National Championship. A battle between the top 2 teams in the nation. All this sounds great, except for that fact that the season is not over and all the conference championship games have not been played. Not even mentioning that they played in the regular season i which LSU went to Alabama and won a defensive game 9-6. Most argue that the college football regular season is like a playoff system in its own right. So didnt Alabama lose their playoff game ? Also, think about the #7 Houston Cougars, the undefeated Houston Cougars. Granted, they do play in a rather soft conference but they are a DIV 1 college football program. Houston will also be playing in a BCS bowl game if they win the conference championship game. Which they will be favored to do. So why cant they play for the national championship? Oh because they will get crushed by the power teams right ? No one can know the answer no matter how big of an under dog Houston would be. NOBODY thought Boise st could compete with Oklahoma, Oregon or Georgia either. How did that turn out?
The BCS is about the power teams making it to a big bowls for corporate sponsor's and advertisers so the big wigs and can make as much money as possible off a any certain game. The BCS is made for the power teams to dominate, for the power schools to play in the biggest bowl possible. So should Houston and schools similar just go play D1-AA? Should they just be happy with whatever BCS bowl they get because, well , theyre Houston and not Alabama or USC? I dont think so. i think its a bunch of B.S. ... BCS.