So what, Suh me.

Detroit stud DT N. Suh has been a lightning rod of criticism, foul play, and disingenuousness that seems to resonate from the All Pro DT since he's made his NFL debut. Whether he's lying about a car crash, stomping on another player, getting into another car crash, kicking Shaub in the man area, he's made the news for far more reasons than football.

Coming out of Nebraska Suh was a Heisman trophy candidate, maybe the most popular DT in a decade or 2. He was a likable guy, a big aggressive teddy bear to most.

However opinions about Suh have drastically changed since his arrival in the league. A guy that was loved by most media/fans has done his best job to destroy his own image. From a likable, calm player to "most dirty" player in NFL.

Suh might have tricked a lot of people with his soft tone, and intelligence, but he obviously is a DT at heart, his mentality, his way of life seemingly coincides with his style of play.

Can't have it both ways, if you like Suh because of his aggressive play, you cannot be overly judgmental about his seemingly aggressive life style.