Commissioners Gone Wild

Spurs Head Coach Greg Popavich decided that on the last game of a road trip, he'd send his 3 oldest players back to S.A. a day earlier. By doing so those 3 players would miss the last road game.

David Stern did not like this news obviously. Why ? Well, those 3 guys were Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli.

And THAT problem led to David Sterns biggest issue. The game was televised nationally on TNT. Now I'm no ratings expert but that would mean a lot less viewers tuning in. Also, resulting in some pissed off advertisers as well. Which is probably why David Stern announced S.A. Spurs would be punished for sitting their super stars.

Which leads me to my problem, and the problem people should have with the direction of major sports and their commissioners.

Whether it's Goodell in the NFL fining players for just about anything, or this latest business rage by David Stern, one thing for sure is these two commissioners have gone wild, there're out of line.

They're making business decisions (which i totally get) I mean, it is their job. Where it becomes almost criminal is when they make business decisions on the account of another persons life. No, no, no one is being killed, but when you take someones money away you're playing with their life.

Spurs sat out their "Big 3" three times last year, none of those games were on TNT I'm guessing. It's not the S.A. Spurs responsibility to get TNT's ratings up. They're trying to win a championship in S.A. not an Emmy. How bout the NBA air more games or have flex schedules. That's a thought.

Until the players, and their unions make some serious overhauls in their next CBA i expect these commissioners to not only work for the owners, advertisers, but also work against the players and often times their sports fans.