Dallas Cowboys Draft Preview.

Ok, so the 2013 NFL Draft is a few days away so I figure I take a look who the Cowboys might, or should be looking at with the 18th pick.

(Team Needs) In order.

1. FS/SS
2. DT
3. RT
4. OG
5. RB
6. WR
7. CB

At 18 there should be a few prospects on the board that Jerry Jones will be happy about taking. With SS/FS being the number 1 need to me if K Vaccaro (S, Texas) is there I think Dallas runs to the podium with that pick. If Vaccaro isn't there, J Cyprien (S, Fla. International) is also another very good S prospect. Those two guys are interchangeable really, I just like Vaccaro a little more personally.

If somehow both Vaccaro and Cyprien are both gone, or if Dallas chooses to go DT at 18, there should be value there as well. S. Lotulelei (DT, Utah), S. Richardson (DT, Mizzou), S. Floyd (DT Fla), S Williams (DT, UNC), D. jones (DT, UCLA) these are the top DTs. Pretty deep huh ? ... Now, I don't believe all of these guys will be there at 18 but someone is sure to be. Any of these guys would be a great fit in the new 4-3.

The wild card to me D.J. Fluker (RT, Alabama) if he is there at 18 Dallas may very well draft him. D. Free is terrible and cannot play RT in the NFL, and is costing Dallas a lot of money. By drafting Fluker Dallas wont need to sign a RT, like E. Winston because obviously a rookie is much cheaper. With T. Smith at LT and possibly Fluker at RT Dallas would have the two most athletic starting OTs in the league.

One player I would love Dallas to take is C. Warmack - if he's there at 18 and Im the GM, I'd take him. (Gangnam Style dancing to the podium).

Later Rd possibilities ...

2nd - Eric Reid (S, LSU), Eddie Lacy (RB, Bama)
3rd - Margus Hunt (DE, SMU)
3rd - 4th - Ace Sanders (Slot WR, KR/PR)
4th -Kyle Long (OT, Ore), Phillip Thomas (FS, Fresno St)
5th - L. Bell (RB, MSU)