Top 5 RB's 2013 NFL Draft

1. J. Randle (Ok St)

+ Has good speed, runs behind his pads well, has great hands, patient, had good vision.

2. D. Johnson (Ark)

+ Has great build, very strong, quick, shows descent hands out the backfield, great balance, and runs with power & agility. Good in pass pro too.

3. S. Taylor (Stan)

+ Has good vision, durable, quick, good balance, descent speed, not someone who will outrun you but, has good moves and power to get around/Through defenders.

4. E. Lacy (Ala)

+ Good balance, strong runner, light on his feet, good vision, excellent patience when reading blocks, good open field vision.

5. R. Graham (Pitt)

+ Good speed, good open field vision, playmaker, good hands out the backfield, patient runner.