Rob Parker - No way, No how !

Rob Parker is a 48 year old black man, who was raised in a mostly black community (Jamaica Queens, Brooklyn, NY).

Parker has come under scrutiny about his comments about RG3, and his "blackness", or lack there of. On ESPN's terrible excuse of a debate show, where seemingly anything goes.

Parker stated that Griffin "was a Republican, has a white wife". He (Parker) goes on to say "Is he a brother, or a cornball brother, he's kind of black, but not really the guy you want to hang out with".

He says a few other comments about the subject. None as "touchy" as listed above.

There has been a huge backlash of criticism from people and websites, social media as well. ESPN has suspended Parker "until further notice".

Here's where I have a problem with it. ESPN First Take has had a slew of inappropriate subjects, comments on their ratings driven show. Co-Host Stephen A Smith has said "Nigga" twice on air ! He hasn't been publicly reprimanded by ESPN. Don't even get me started on Skip, that man is a walking shock jock.

Back to Parker though, his comments, to me, were totally understandable. Only because I am a black man, I've heard these same things from my own family, and I mean the older one's.

Older Black people DO look at black men dating white girls as taboo, looked down upon, different. Not to say it's right but it exist.

I'm engaged to a white women, so I've heard it myself from my own family.

As far as the RG3 being Republican, well black people (generally) are Democrats, and in the urban community (And Black communities) being a Republican is frowned down upon. Again, whether it's right or wrong is useless, because it exist.

Most black people can tell you, what Parker said is a VERY real subject. It may have been inappropriate to discuss on ESPN, but so is Tim Tebow's virginity,

And that's discussed often. Rob Parker shouldn't be fined, suspended due to speaking his mind, and the mind of the area, people he represents. On top of that ESPN encourages, enables their employees to walk that thin line.

Until ESPN First Take turns into a REAL sports show, we can only expect First Take to be "The View" ... for men.