Matt Elam - Beyond The Cover - SS Florida

Unfortunately, there are so many painful stories in the inner city, of violence and murder. The beautiful thing is when some one feels that pain, and and turns it into motivation to take on the world.

Matt Elam, younger brother of Abe Elam (NFL SS) grew up in South Florida, in a very tough community. Where violence was all too common.

When Matt was 8 years old, his sister Christina (12 years old) was murdered at a park near the families home.

Then, amazingly when Matt was in high school Matt's older brother Donald was murdered, at the same park his sister was killed at.

Matt's mother transferred him to another school in S. Florida to help him focus on football more. Probably to get him out the neighborhood too.

Matt obviously went on to star at Florida, but not without more pain. His father had passed away too.

Matt's older brother Abe Elam has been mentoring Matt, and helping to keep his little brother focused.

Since being at Florida Matt has changed his workout, eating habits, many people say he has become a leader, and matured a lot. It's great to see Matt use his resources in all the right ways.

And it's about to pay off. I have Matt Elam listed as the top SS in this years draft.

I see him going mid 1st Rd - late 2nd Rd.

Pros - Quick, strong, instinctive, physical, ball hawk, plays well in the box, good in zone cov, capable in man cov, high motor, good body frame, great foot work.

Cons - Hot-headed, reckless at times, lacks prototypical size, questions in his range in zone coverage, but not from me.

Potential teams - Saints, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, Eagles, Lions, Bengals, Cowboys, Texans.