Lebron James ... What a bum.

There's is always a lot of criticism surrounding superstar athletes, but the heat Lebron takes is way out of hand. The man just can't win. ( no pun intended ) ESPNs talking fool also known as Skip Bayliss seems to think Lebron should've even be eligible for MVP... Lmao! And worse than Skips paid opinion, common fans echo these thoughts. So I have the answer as to what Lebron needs to do to get rid of the crazy, unfair hate. It's simple, James must make dozens of game winning, buzzer beating shots, get to playoffs and continue the buzzer beating shots, until Heat win Finals. Then he must repeat that same thing for at least 6 seasons. While winning every MVP award.
Get real, be a fan. Not a groupie. Respect today's players. We won't see another LBJ for a while.