QB, QB , QB.

The QB position is a very important position in football, but in my opinion the QB is just as important as most positions.
The QBs in the NFL it seems are over rated, under rated, over hyped, given too much credit or not enough of it.
It's commonly said or thought that in order to compete for a Super Bowl you need a great QB. Well let's take a look at some QBs.
Dan Marino, one of the greatest of all time has 0 super bowl rings. Payton Manning another 1st ballot Hall of Famer to be, 1 Super Bowl. Brett Favre, another great Hall of Fame bound QB, 1 Super Bowl. Ok, so how bout Joe Montana and his 4 SB rings? Well this is where it gets people lost. The 49ers had a hell of a team in those years. Great WRs, RB, Oline, TE, and that D in the 80s very under rated go look at the #s. And when NE was winning SBs Brady wasn't exactly breaking NFL records and that NE D was great. Same with Troy Aikman and John Elway and even Terry Bradshaw, all had great teams, dynasties.
The media and experts make it seem as if the QB position is the end all be all, as far as winning the Super Bowl. BUT Im here to tell you its not.
How about the QB that have won a Super Bowl that werent "great" QBs... Everyones favorite Trent Dilfer, Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Jim McMan, Phil Simms, and theres been several other random QBs that have raised the Lombardi trophy.
A collective great team or great D is just as important to a team who wants to compete for a Super Bowl. Dont let the mainstream media trick you into believing your team cant win a Super Bowl because they dont have Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. Look at SF or BAL, neither team has a future Hall of Famer at QB, yet both teams are very capable of winning it all, as is every NFL team that makes the playoffs.
So wheather its Sanchez and the Jets or Tebow and the Broncos, dont count any team out that doesnt have Payton Manning as your QB , because its been proven if a team is good enough theyll win, and theyll win it all despite whos the QB.