MVP back at it.

The Chicago Bulls beat the L.A. Lakers Christmas day with a floater made by Rose with 4.8 seconds left. Rose made a quick move on 76 year old D. Fisher and was in the paint in a blink of an eye. Kobe had a chance to make his own shot in the last seconds, but had his hot blocked by L. Deng as time expired.

The Bulls looked just like last years team, as far as having no other valid scoring option than Rose, but as we've been seeing the last few years the Bulls are a great defensive team, and won that game playing D.

Rose has a modest 22 points and 6 assist in the win over the Lakers. Rose also shot 4-6 from 3 point range. A part of his game that is criticized by many, and rightfully so as he shot a poor % from down town last season. Like any great player in any sport, he worked on his game a lot in the off season and as of yesterday it shows.

The Bulls have the same team as last year, and theyve added Rip Hamilton, who surely will take some of the pressure to score the ball off of Rose's shoulders. But he will have to get comfy in the offense and learn where to get his shots, and how to play with the defending MVP.

Rose has the ability to be the best PG the NBA has seen in a long time. As long as the Chicago Bulls gel and keep up the effort on D, Rose will have the city of Chicago thinking it was the 90s once again. Rose promises he is hungry as ever, and we all know FAST DONT LIE.